• 675 mmbbls  

    gross 2P reserves

  • 135,000

    bopd gross production in 2015


    production growth in 2015

The Tawke field produced a gross average of 135,000 bopd in 2015, compared to 91,000 bopd in 2014, representing 48% growth year-on-year. 

In H1 2015, wellhead, processing and pipeline capacity was successfully doubled to 200,000 bopd which allowed for a significant ramp-up in field production and exports through the KRI-Turkey pipeline. Peak production of 1860,000 bopd was achieved in May 2015. During the second half of 2015, production declined, with the field exiting the year at 124,000 bopd. The decline reflects the suspension of sub-surface investment during H2 2015 as the Tawke partners waited for a regular export payment stream to be established. During the year 85% of Tawke sales were exported by the KRG through the KRI-Turkey pipeline, 13% was delivered into the KRI domestic market with the remainder being sold into the Tawke refinery.

  Reserves (mmbbls) Working interest reserves (mmbbls)
Total 2P 675 169
Total 3P 808 202